Adopting an existing LUG

Before we continue we must clarify that does not prescribe how LUGs are run and does not wish to have any influence in the internal structure of any group. However, we do need to have one or more contacts that are responsible for the services that we provide to each LUG. We call this person the LUGMaster or LUG contact.

Sometimes, a LUGMaster will decide that they don't have enough time or energy to devote to their LUG any more. In this event, the running of the LUG can be taken up by someone else. There are several different scenarios:

Orderly hand-over

If the outgoing LUGMaster is still around, and wants to hand over to someone else, then they should change the passwords for their login and mailman account, and inform the admins of the hand-over.

Restarting a dead LUG

If the LUG is completely dead (no traffic on the mailing list in several months; plainly out of date or unmanaged website), then you can take over the running of the LUG. Send an email to the admins, and ask about taking over the LUG. We will attempt to contact the original LUGMaster. If we don't hear back from them within a few days, then we will reset the passwords and give you control of the LUG resources on

Taking over a running LUG

This is the trickiest situation to deal with. If a LUG is running quite happily, but the LUGMaster has not been contactable for some time, then the group should agree on a replacement. Then send an email to the admins, requesting a hand-over of the LUG. We will attempt to contact the original LUGmaster, and will also check on the mailing list archives that a consensus has indeed been reached about the new LUGMaster. If we can't get hold of the old LUGMaster, then we will reset the passwords and hand over control to the new LUGMaster.

Hostile takeovers

Should someone wish to take over a LUG without the agreement of a standing (and contactable) LUGMaster, we will not assist without at minimum an extremely strong consensus from the existing group, discussed and recorded on the LUG's mailing list. We will not act as arbiters in disputes within a LUG. The group should come to a consensus first, and then use the procedure above for taking over a running LUG.

After you take over

After taking over the running of the LUG, the new LUGMaster should check and change the mail forwarding for their LUG's account in the .forward and .qmail-* files. We will generally subscribe the LUGMaster to the lugmasters mailing list as well.