Account application form

Before you use this form, please ensure that you have read the How to start a LUG page.

There are two parts to this form: Part 1 is general information about you and the LUG you want to create. Part 2 will cover which services you want to use. Only one of the sections of Part 2 needs to be filled in.

Part 1

These are your real details for our records. Please complete all of the following fields in full. We will use the GPG key for sending your password back to you securely.

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Your GPG key ID, if you have one:
Your telephone number:
Requested LUG Name:
Geographical region (if any):
Domain name:
Note: this will also become your username.

Part 2

You now have four different options for the services provided by

  • Static and managed service: managed web applications and static web hosting. Mail forwarding, Mailman mailing list(s).
  • Apache redirect: will serve up a redirect to a URL of your choice.
  • DNS record hosting: We will host A and MX records to direct to the IP address(es) of your choice.
  • Full server login: ssh login to, PHP-enabled website, full local mail delivery or mail forwarding, Mailman mailing list(s). Please talk to the admin team directly about this option. Do not use this form.

Please complete one of the following three section:

Part 2 (a): Static and Managed service

Use this section to select the managed web applications you would like to have deployed for your use

No wiki

AbUseMod wiki


Part 2 (b): Apache Redirect

Use this section if you have an existing website, and would like to be an HTTP redirect to that site. Simply fill in the URL of your existing site. Please note that you will not have any email, database or mailing list services with this option.

URL to redirect to:

Part 2 (c): DNS record hosting

Use this section if you have an existing website and/or mailing list server, and would like to resolve to a specific IP address for A and MX lookups in the domain name system.

Please provide IP addresses for:

IP address for and
Primary MX: