How to use

Once you have received confirmation that you have been given an account on now what? This page is an introduction to the facilities offered by If there is anything else you wish to know, or you have any questions, then please ask on the lugmaster mailing list, or ask the admins directly.

The following details assume that you have been given a web address of


Logging in and uploading files

We do not currently run interactive logins on our facilities. However, you can change files in your home directory (or your group's home directory) using scp or sftp. Most SSH clients come with secure FTP (sftp) facilities. For those that use them, most web content editing applications these days will allow the use of sftp to publish content.

Your username will typically be your surname followed by your initials. The password will be sent to you spearately on confirmation of the creation of your account. If you haven't received a password then contact the admins.

Your own home filespace will be /home/users/username, and your LUG's filespace will be /home/groups/lugname.

There are no hard limits or quotas on the amount of storage or bandwidth you can use, but please do remember that this is a shared resource, and storing or distributing large datasets (video or audio in particular) is likely to be viewed as problematic, particularly if it causes us to run out of disk space or go over our bandwidth limits.

Web pages

The public web area for your lug will be in the 'public_html' directory, under your home area (for example /home/groups/lugname/public_html).

When created, your lug will be given a default holding page, and your lug will be listed as being 'starting' in the lists of lugs. When you get your own content uploaded, be sure to let the webmaster of know, so that we can change your status to 'active' in the listings.

Web security

We provide either static web page hosting or a small number of dynamic services. If you use one of these dynamic services, it is also important that you keep track of changes to the site, as most such systems are vulnerable to simple vandalism or link-farming. In one case, we have seen an entire 400-page wiki site replaced with links to porn sites in the space of a few minutes. We can offer advice on limiting your exposure to this form of attack. If you are unsure of what to do, please ask on the lugmaster mailing list, or contact the admins.

If we see sites which are obviously compromised or unmaintained, we will move them from your webspace, and put up a holding page until you can be contacted to fix the problem.

Mailing List

Mailing lists on are now all run using Mailman. Here are some quick introductory notes for those of you unfamiliar with Mailman.

Go to the admin web page and read through the config options to check they are set how you want them. Update with button at bottom of page. In particular:

  • Consider having more than one list owner to increase the chances of moderated messages getting approved quickly.
  • Set the 'Phrase identifying list'. This will appear on the page that shows all of the lists.
  • Send monthly password reminders (on what's become known as Mailman Day) - this can be turned off if users complain.
  • Set an intro message.
  • Do you want replies to the list or to the sender (Warning: We would suggest you don't ask your users as this causes no end of debate! Decide what you want and ensure everyone knows how it works.)
  • Privacy Options - do you want the subscriber list readable? (The usual configuration is "List admin only").
  • Do you want to restrict posting privilege to list members? If you do this, and people post from multiple addresses, you can encourage them to subscribe with their alternative addresses as well, but set them to "nomail" so they only get one copy of each message.
  • Spam filters. Note that we already have spam filtering on all mail passing through's mail server. Adding spam expressions manually to your mailing list is likely to cause problems. Greylisting can be implemented for specific addresses if you want it (contact the admins).

You have to approve messages through the web interface at the moment. You'll get sent the text of messages that need approval, so you can decide whether to deal with them straight away or ignore them for a bit. If a message is spam, please use the "Discard" button. "Reject" would attempt to send your (editable) rejection message back.

Digests are a per-subscriber option - you might want to increase the 30k size.

Mailman attempts to trap bounces from subscribers and disables their subscription automatically (configurable).

Archives may be public or private. The date is best "When resent" so they get ordered by the server's clock, not by whatever date/time the sender happens to have used (often wrong). Note that starting with a private list and then making it public could potentially open you up to legal problems. It is always easier to start with an open list, and ensure that all subscribers are aware that the list is being archived openly.


In addition to mailing lists, we can also provide email redirection services for addresses Contact the admins for more information.